10 July, 2017

Rainbow Lorikeets

Very pretty colourful birds, not native to Western Australia but in abundance in the western suburbs for many years. A noisy lot and very bossy. The reason many native birds have moved out.

20 May, 2017

Hakea laurina

Update for the Pin-cushion Hakea on my verge.It had so many flowers this year and still has all the seeds attached from last year. 

30 April, 2017


Bungendore Park Aramadale - Whistler walk; Dryandra flowers in all stages of life. 

Marri nuts

Bungendore Park Aramadale - Whistler walk; many marri nuts in the tree and on the ground.

Mouse-like seeds

Today in Bungendore Park under Aramadale we did a walk and came across  this mouse lookalike seed. No idea what the tree is called.

18 April, 2017

Processionary caterpillars

During our hike in Yanchep National Park yesterday we also came across a few processions of caterpillars. This one was totally lost and started to go around in circles. 


While we were looking the end of the procession started to turn back which gave a bit of a hick-up in the neat line. 

A bit further were a few clumps of caterpillars, ready to start their track, this one must have chosen their leader... 

17 April, 2017


Did a 18km hike in Yanchep National Park today; the Cockatoo walk trail, and noticed some of the banksia's got new flower cones coming up. While the old ones were devoured by the hundreds of cockatoos in the trees.

06 February, 2017

Beehive in tree stump

Came across this brand new beehive in a fresh cut tree stump.
Ellensbrook = Margaret River

Wild grain

Growing down south in Ellensbrook - Margaret River

Grass fluf

Bunny tail grass

27 January, 2017

Marri flowers in summer

There is this marri in front of our house, dwarfed by the huge Moreton Bay fig tree and grown on an angle. But this year it is flowering more abundant since we have seen for the last years. Zooming with bees and regular flocks of black cockatoos feast on the flowers.

21 January, 2017

Beach daisy

 Beach daisy at Boranup beach in WA south west. Amazing how good it grows in white sand.

05 January, 2017


A bee in my hollyhock